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ACCT TECH: Leading Filing Agent Finds Alternative to Outsourcing XBRL

May 3, 2011 (PrimeNewswire) Newsfile Corp. and Compliance Xpressware (CX) LLP today announced that the companies have formed a strategic partnership. Under the partnership, Newsfile will retain control of the XBRL filing process using in-house personnel and provide a time and cost effective solution for third year filers.

Newsfile will use CX's flagship product, Xpressfiler, a cloud-based, end-to-end solution for EDGAR filing that is both affordable and easy to use. Specifically designed with filing agents in mind, this HTML conversion and XBRL software suite is fully integrated, making it possible to create both HTML and XBRL documents from the same file in a seamlessly controlled workflow. Xpressfiler uses the latest in software technology and hosting options to bring unparalleled performance in terms of accuracy and speed.

"Newsfile is a highly respected filing agent in North America, and we are confident that our software will easily fulfill the XBRL requirements of their customers," said Fuad Rahman, Chief Executive Officer of CX. "With an XBRL compliance deadline looming later this year, it is great timing for the partnership, and it's imperative that customers start preparing for the XBRL mandate now."

"The transition to XBRL reporting has created challenges for smaller to mid-sized companies and filing agents," said Wasim Thaha, director of Newsfile Corp. and past chair of XBRL Canada. "Most solutions on the market today are too complicated, too time consuming, and too expensive to be practical. We have used Xpressfiler over the past three months to prepare for hundreds of our clients, and we are very satisfied with how quickly our staff was able to get up-to-speed."

To learn more about Newsfile Corp., go to . To learn more about Compliance Xpressware, go to For more information on Xpressfiler, please visit

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