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INSIDE Public Accounting Reveals Nation's Top 200 Firms

September 20, 2010 (SmartPros) The publishers of INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA), is pleased to present its inaugural 'Beyond The IPA Top 100' -- the first ever ranking of the nation's Top 200 accounting firms.

For more than 20 years, IPA has sustained a tradition of groundbreaking excellence by compiling the annual IPA Top 100 accounting firms, the IPA Best of the Best and IPA All-Stars. As the profession continues to grow and evolve, IPA will evolve with it. The August 2010 issue identifies the IPA Top 100 – the 100 largest firms in the U.S., beginning with Deloitte at No. 1 ($10.9 billion) and ending with No. 100, CCR LLP ($29.7 million).
In this inaugural special report Beyond the IPA Top 100, we pick up where the August issue left off and identify firms ranking from No. 101 to No. 200. Minimum net revenue is just shy of $13 million to make the list, which IPA plans to publish annually.
“‘What are the numbers beyond the IPA Top 100’ has been a question many firms, consultants and associations have asked over the years. By compiling this new list, IPA continues its tradition of excellence by quantifying for the profession what many have wondered about,” says Kelly Platt, publisher of INSIDE Public Accounting. “We are proud to provide the most comprehensive list of the Top 200 firms available today.”
For complete list of the INSIDE Public Accounting Top 200 firms, go to:
For the complete list of the INSIDE Public Accounting Top 100 firms, go to:

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Source: The Platt Group

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