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Issue No. 1, 2012

INSIGHTS: Leadership in Crisis, Part 1
NEWSLINE: Humility Key to Effective Leadership
CPE: What Poses a Threat to Your Integrity and Objectivity?
BOOK: Why Are We Bad at Picking Good Leaders?

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Leadership in Crisis, Part 1
By Stephen K. Henn
The stories from the Costa Concordia did it for me. The Costa Concordia is the Italian luxury cruise ship that shipwrecked off of the island of Giglio. Captain Francesco Schettino, who stands accused of manslaughter, reportedly abandoned ship. As we look around the world today, the good captain’s actions are seemingly becoming more commonplace.

 In the News

Humility Key to Effective Leadership
Humble leaders are more effective and better liked, according to a study in the Academy of Management Journal.


Restoring Honor to Wall Street

Report: Key Global Trends Impacting Leadership

 CPE Spotlight

What Poses a Threat to Your Integrity and Objectivity?
There is little doubt that the independence of auditors is of utmost importance to accounting professionals as well as to those who rely on their services. Ethics guru Bruce Pounder explains what the accountants' Code of Professional Conduct means when it states that auditors cannot perform management functions on behalf of their clients. Take this course

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 for online courses that will fulfill your ethics requirement.

 Book Pick

Why Are We Bad at Picking Good Leaders? A Better Way to Evaluate Leadership Potential
By Jeffrey Cohn, Jay Moran
Almost 70% of Americans believe that we are suffering from a crisis of leadership, but rather than asking, why are leaders failing, we need to ask, "Why aren't we choosing better leaders?"
Ever wonder what goes on behind closed board room doors when organizations pick their top leaders? It can be a contentious, secretive, even brutal process. Most of our leaders look good on paper—they have charisma, credentials, and confidence—yet they lack the real qualities that are necessary to succeed. In Why Are We Bad at Picking Good Leaders?, Cohn and Moran share the same insights and ideas they use to help organizations make better choices. Revealing seven essential attributes of all great leaders, they offer a fresh and powerful evaluation technique anyone can use to assess leader potentialBuy this book

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